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Successful advertising and marketing is about audience engagement.  Connecting to consumers, voters, decision makers and inspiring them to activate with your brand, campaign or destination is key.   Whether you want to connect to moms, small businesses, or luxury travelers, our integrated print and digital solutions can achieve this for your brand or promotion.  Our multi-media network across the top Texas markets gives you access to 70% of the Texas population and 76% of the Effective Buying Income, all through a single point of contact.  Streamline your process, connect with your target audience, and align your efforts with the respected and trusted content kings and their diversified product portfolios.

We are your multi-media advertising resource in Texas.  Why Texas, you ask?  To borrow from our friends at Texas Tourism, "it's like a whole other country".  Your Texas marketing should stand alone and be customized for the diversity in audience and market strengths.  

We can make that happen.


No other local medium has diversified their product portfolio in the way our publishing companies have. Texas is a diverse state and we have the media vehicles to reach all segments of our population. We offer the mass reach that no other local media can match along with our fine tuned targeting capabilities: content, behavioral, geographic, day parting, carrier level, and household. Customizing an integrated program to deliver the most engaged content-seekers is our specialty. Our award-winning journalists and photographers are featured 24/7 in the following vehicles:

Call or email us and we will put together a customized media plan for you to reach your desired audience with our vast network of media vehicles.


The vast product portfolio means nothing without depth of audience and targeting capabilities.  Connecting with the right segment of the market is crucial in getting readers and users to interact with your messaging. 

With a state as diverse as Texas, we know how important it is to reach HISPANICS (38% of our population), SPORTS FANS (brand affinity aligned with the Cowboys, Rangers, Mavs, Spurs, Texans, Longhorns, Aggies, not to mention high school sports- we take our Friday night lights very seriously!), and AFFLUENT HOUSEHOLDS in one of the top 5 lowest cost of living states with no state income tax (means more EBI).  

connect2texas’s expertise and experience in the Texas markets means we can create major reach for you, customize hyper-local programs in specific DMAs, or do a combination of both. We're flexible. We use content, behavioral & demographic targeting to fine-tune your advertising and marketing messages to make sure you get results.


  • The Online Publishers Association has ranked newspaper websites as the most credible websites.  Users who trust their content are more likely to trust the advertising. They also found our users to be most likely to make a purchase over $500.  Publishers’ original content sites outperform the general internet population, portals and networks in Ad Awareness, Message Association and Purchase Intent. (OPA Study 2010)
  • We have the #1 websites in our local markets and pride ourselves on the rich content environment that has been established with years of brand equity.  When you have a geo-targeted message, it is a no-brainer to align your brand with our publishers' content.  Our median user is 41 with median income of $77,000. 
  • We have extended our brands to all screens to accomodate the rapidly changing media consumption habits of consumer and business decision makers. Our publishers have also partnered with companies that allow us to offer a turn-key online environment to meet all of your digital needs. 
  • We offer the following:
  • • iPad, iPhone & Android app sponsorships, delivering our highest engagement metrics and proving that the small screens deliver big results.
  • • Customized geo-, demo-, behaviorally targeted online campaigns
  • • Pre-roll and rich media capabilities
  • • Email marketing
  • • Newsletter sponsorships
  • • SEM/SEO campaigns
  • • Social media marketing and management
  • • SMS marketing

Let us create a customized program for you!


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